Cast In Place – Specialty Grout

Cast In Place – Specialty Grout


With over 37 years’ experience in industrial grade installations, Casman is well equipped to handle any project. Concrete and grout installations are part of an ever-changing industry with new regulations, specifications, and evolving technology that requires a knowledgeable construction team. In an industry that is constantly changing, Casman brings over a hundred years of combined experience in providing industrial Concrete and Specialty Grout Services.

Casman Concrete Services:

  • Footers
  • Foundations
  • Slabs - Aprons - Sidewalks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Repairs – Floors, Foundations, etc.
  • Industrial / Commercial Facilities
  • Foundations For New Machinery
  • Parking Lot Repair, Remove and Replace
  • Cast in Place Columns
  • Cast in Place Beams


Casman specializes in both Cementitious and Epoxy grouting applications with installation services performed by ticketed Journeymen. The quality program that Casman provides ensures not only government compliance is met or exceeded but fulfills the most stringent quality standards within any Industrial operation.

  • Casman Grouting Services:
  • Epoxy and Cementitious
  • Structural Steel and Building Applications
  • Tank and Vessel Bases
  • Under – Slab / Void Filling Grouting
  • Plant Shutdowns Walls
  • Repairs – Floors, Foundations, etc.
  • Sub-Zero Temperature Solutions
  • Pump Bases and Moving Equipment Requirements
  • Equipment Frame Infill Applications
  • Industrial applications:
    • Coker
    • Applications
    • Crusher Boxes
    • Slide Plates
    • Rail Systems
    • Etc.

Casman has the ability to offer installations of small projects containing one bag of grout to large installations containing hundreds of cubic meters. With an established experience of working on most OSSA and gas plant sites, Casman is well equipped to handle any volume of pour while maintaining the quality standards of the project.