Every employee and visitor to our work sites is entitled to a safe working environment and a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment program is used to foster an attitude of “zero harm” among employees. All of our companies in the Casman Group of Companies are COR certified.

It is the Casman philosophy that:

  • Workers will refuse to perform unsafe work and will report unsafe conditions
  • All incidents that cause loss to people, equipment, materials, environment or company reputation are preventable
  • Hazards will be controlled to the lowest level risk possible
  • Active participation in the safety program is a condition of employment

All parties, including employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, visitors and client representatives, involved in work on a Casman project are responsible to work in a safe manner while observing standards that will deliver the highest level of protection to each other and the environment in which we work.

Managers are accountable to ensure that the standards contained within this program are in place at their respective work locations. The CEO has the ultimate accountability for the implementation, monitoring and update of the health, safety and environment program.

Ultimately the Casman Group of Companies aspires to deliver a peer driven safety culture which fosters a spirit of caring and cooperation between workers and management. Together, we will ensure that we deliver on our expectation of a zero harm workplace.